It has come to my attention, that my hubbie has started to read my blog. When I first started it, I don’t think he read it, ever. And that was fine, after all I’m writing about stuff that isn’t really his thing or interest. But now he is reading and I’m aware that he is, so I’m thinking about my content more. Well then the light-bulb went off. I thought why not use this to an advantage. So sweetie, here is a birthday wish list if you are interested. I’ll be turning 40 in June, and if you’d like to mark the occasion with a gift here are some ideas. With my ‘memory card’ being near full (in my head) it would be good give me something as a way of remembering what I got when I turned 40! I say/write this with a grain of salt, because you have given me the greatest gift of two wonderful kids and a cosy home. I bet this post will scare you off reading my blog for a while ;)!

So here are the wishes: