It’s 3:40 and I can’t fall back to sleep. Usually I am so stubborn, that I’ll just lie there until I do finally drift off. Well this time I was awake and hungry, so that’s what got me out of bed. The kids made chocolate chip cookies on their own (what a milestone) I only helped take the trays out of the oven. So I had a light dinner to make up for the cookie sampling, and well here we are. They came out terrific by the way. As I was lying in bed I was thinking of something I saw when I was shopping with my Mom. It is a three tiered shelf that we saw at a garden center. A table top sized one to display little nick-knacks and it wasn’t for sale. I want it so bad I could spit. Right now I’m going to see if I can find one on line. (This is what I found except the one I saw was a half circle) If not, I’m going back taking photos and seeing if maybe a certain someone could make one. Oh and another milestone for the kids, this past friday they watched ‘Pee Wee’s Great Adventure’ which was like my all time favorite movie from high school. Andrew was smitten, Sophia thought his voice was strange. I need to find copies of his kid’s show, they were such a hoot.