Yesterday was Andrew’s last T-ball game of the season and the first one I attended. I’m sure the other Moms were like, oh he does have a Mother. Marc was assistant coach, so I usually did things with Sophia instead. It was really great to watch and I was so impressed with his coach. Coach Wayne really stressed good sportsmanship, had ooodles of patience and a great attitude. Andrew loved his experience and looks forward to joining up again. In the late afternoon we went to Wilcox park in Westerly for an evening with the Westerly Choir and Pops. The weather was perfect for an outdoor concert, and a big sell for the kids was the artillery (for the 1821 Overture, -cannons, baby) and fireworks. We got there early because I had heard people set out their blankets the night before to stake a spot. Well we found a parking spot nearby, another thing I had worried about and found a great spot. It was a good evening, but it is a long concert, with a pre-show, show and intermission, plus we were there to hear the rehearsal. The kids wanted to know when we’d see the fireworks, this was at like 6, and we only saw them at 9:40 ish.  Then on our way home I got so very car-sick, and we were driving along the ocean and it was hilly, dark and foggy, ugh! We couldn’t drive our usual way home, due to the traffic leaving the concert. Thank goodness we had our GPS! Otherwise I’d be curled up on the side of the road out in the sticks somewhere. I’m recovering this morning. This is just another case of the uselessness of worry, here I thought we’d never find parking or seats, when that wasn’t the problem at all.