img_0333-1Yesterday was a day off for the kids. It was parent teacher’s conferences and we made the most of it. Over Thanksgiving I grilled Kirsten on how to use a cookie press/gun. She gave me the low-down and we made Spritz cookies, with great success! Andrew and Sophia loved using the ‘gun’ and the cookies looked great. In the afternoon we headed out to see the Festival of Lights at La Salette ( ). The kids had never been and I had wanted to go last year, but during the weekends the traffic can get just insane. So we went early and actually got to see when the lights are illuminated, which was spectacular. While we were waiting, a woman explained to us, that the two stars that were above in the night sky, were actually, Venus and Mars. She said that the next time we would be able to view these planets, in this way would be in about 9 years. So take a look tonight, they are side by side, with Venus on the left, the brighter of the two.img_0335img_0334-1img_0342img_0338