That’s me. I am suffering from chilblains and Marc and I read a home remedy that calls for rubbing a cut onion on the blisters. It helps with the pain, but there is that tell tale scent to deal with. Sophia was pointing out how she could smell all the rooms that I had been in. Sigh.

This post is going to involve a bit of ranting so you’ve been warned. Here in Rhode Island we had a storm/typhoon last night and this morning. We now have a pine tree in our yard. If it had fallen in the road the town would pick it up, but now it is our problem. We got water in our basement, which could of been avoided if we had know that our crappy plastic window well protector had holes in it. Sigh, water streamed, not unlike a waterfall from the casement window crack down the basement wall onto and over the floor. I’ve been kicking myself all day about not looking into that part of the basement last night. The floor is almost dry now, but what a mess. Ugh.

So let’s hope a wonderful weekend lies ahead and this mess is done. And if you happen to smell raw onions and you are out and about in R.I. this weekend, our paths might of crossed.