img_0315-4img_0319-2img_0318-4I’m going to sound like a broken record, but where did that year go? I was reading some of past year’s posts, so that helped jar the memory. Today we are having another snowstorm. We are still on for our party, tomorrow, since the forecast is for cold sunny weather. I should be washing the bathrooms and kitchen floor, but I thought it was more pressing to get the last post of ’08 done instead. This morning Andrew and I have been making Chocolate Pots de Creme for our New Year’s dessert. I have a pork tenderloin marinating for the main course. We have a bananna bread baking as well. It is very cozy to be in a warm kitchen and looking out on the snow. img_0311-5img_0313-7 Shari had asked if the kids were happy for the Wii, well the photo says it all. Here’s to wishing you all in blogville a Very Happy and Healthy New Year! Here’s to 2009!img_0314-2