I was all set to post about my show at our local library. Kirsten was so sweet to drive up three paintings of hers and my Mom’s. Michelle loaned me the Kiwi portrait to show. Well, the head librarian made some sort of error and booked someone else for February and March. She claims it was a misunderstanding, when really she made the mistake. I have had a piece of paper in her handwriting with Feb./March ’09 hanging on my bulletin board, but she didn’t own up to any error on her part. Big Sigh. So I thought to visit some local pet grooming and veterinarian offices and see if I could hang up a painting and leave some business cards. Well that’s when Andrew got sick with a doozie of an ear infection. He is better now, thank goodness and I hope will be back in school tomorrow. img_0310-8So to curb some cabin fever this week I made this tablecloth. It is horribly wrinkled and I did actually iron it. I feeling kind of blah about it. I sewed the runner onto the table cloth, which is a recycled one that was badly stained. So that’s the poop here. I do have to say, that I am finally, almost 100% over my cold. Today I have had no coughing spells, cups of tea or multiple cough drops and it was quiet nice for a change.