image0-2Here is the finish. Special thanks to Shari and Paul for using their date. I was going to use my parents, but I wasn’t 100% sure of the date, bad daughter that I am. I had originally put a warm poppy red behind it, but thought maybe that was too Valentine-y or girlie. I’m thinking of the groom too! I like this green. I bought a big pad of scrapbook paper today at A.C Moore. They had so many gorgeous styles, but I needed solid color. Whoo -hoo, I even had my coupon from the Sunday paper. Sadly in the same plaza as A.C. Moore, we used to have a Fabric Place, which is history and now my favorite muffin and sandwich place is now closed. The Cinnamon Cafe is no longer, which was one of Andrew’s favorite places, as sometime you could sit at a table in front of the counter where they would be rolling out the dough for their Cinnamon buns. It was also a Mom and Pop operation. Part of me is hoping that they are just renovating it.