img_0303-3img_0302-4This afternoon, we finished Andrew’s school project. I wish the picture was clearer, each leaf has the family member’s name on it and the stick tells who they are in relation to him. Note to self, next time make bigger leaves, it was a challenge for this 1st grader to write on the ones we cut.

On a different note, this morning I was channeling some inner chupsva and emailed some local newspapers, telling them that I would be a good person to feature. My ‘story’ or angle is that out of the stress of the economic crisis it has made me super motivated to make and promote my art. Sort of a blessing in disguise. Well anyhoo, I heard back from an editor from the South County Independent and he is coming over on Friday. With a camera, to see my work and ‘studio’. I am now experiencing slight cold feet, so much for the chupsva! But I really want more publicity and traffic on my etsy site. Oy vey!