img_0314-2img_0313-3Here are a few photos from my trip to Providence this morning. I dropped off 10 pieces with Nina this morning at her studio hop shop. These photos above are taken inside her lovely gallery. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the outside. She said in a few weeks she will be redoing the whole shop, changing and rearranging what is up. So some of my bigger pieces won’t be up yet, but today she will have the smaller pieces displayed on some of the tables. We had a good visit and I also got to meet her son, from there I stopped in at Rhode Island Monthly  to say hello to Doreen. The photos below are Do’s inspiring office space. img_0315-1img_0316-2img_0317-3It was great to visit and I also got some good feedback from Leslie and Ellen on some other stores, outside of Providence to market my work. Doreen and I had lunch at Icon in the Rising Sun Mills is Pawtucket. The cafe’s environment was beautiful,with tons of windows and high ceilings.  And the food was terrific. It felt great to see something new and to have a dear friend to catch up with. In less than an hour my reporter should be here, hope I don’t end up putting my foot in my mouth.

clipart_reporter_smallEDITED: The interview went fine. He didn’t ask or say to much, but maybe I didn’t give him the chance! And he was from the Narragansett Times. My ‘feature’ will appear in two weeks.