img_0306-2And I hope it will be as productive as last week. We had a terrific weekend, with Kirsten and her girls, here for a visit. The kids had a great time together and best of all Kirsten and I got to have some time together, on our own! Marc was so sweet to watch all the kids while we headed out to the ‘on Hope’ area of Providence to check out studio hop and all the other great places on Hope Street. Kirsten loved the vibe, the shops and neighborhood. None of my stuff was on display yet, at studio hop, but Nina will be doing the shop over soon. I bought this chocolate bar, for the wrapper, at the European Deli, which had mostly Russian products. Now to get back in the swing again, I’ve been away from my desk for the weekend. I could of started something last night, but had to finish the book I was reading. It’s ‘The Mighty Queens of Freeville’ by Amy Dickinson. She is the advice columnist from ‘Ask Amy’. She has a terrific sense of humor that isn’t apparent in her column.