img_0303-5Here she is. I think this would be my worst, along with my Mom, fear -not having anything in the house to serve. I know that in Denmark they can excommunicate you, if a guest goes away hungry, so you’d better be sure you have at least 3 home-baked goods to offer.  Today is a gloomy one. I’m feeling a bit blah. Hope skies are sunny where you are.



Here’s our April fool’s trick for Marc. We made a faux dinner of what looked like fish sticks, peas and tartar sauce. The kids were besides themselves with the whole idea and undertaking. Unfortunately Marc smelled a rat as soon as Sophia announced that we had a special meal for him. The fish sticks were granola bars, peas, dyed marzipan and the tartar sauce was minced gummies in vanilla yogurt.img_0301-5