easter-basket-21of tricks. First off, I’m in denial that Easter is less than a week away. Here it is still cold, grey and wintery. Blah. We will be hosting an intimate Easter lunch with just ourselves and Michelle and Marc’s Mom and sis. This week is a short one, with the Friday holiday and day off for Marc and the kids. So I’m trying to keep up my work ethic and the self promotion parade, except that a little wind is leaving my sails. I had a wonderful lunch and outing with Do and Kathy on Saturday. We visited ‘studio hop’ and I hope Nina doesn’t think I’m stalking her. She hadn’t changed over the shop yet, so nothing of my work was out either, sigh. I did have the best sticky bun of my life at Seven Stars bakery. The best, ever, and I have eaten quite a few in my 40 years. Yum, it’s a good thing I don’t live any closer otherwise this bun could be a daily fix. I’ll leave you with some Easter eye candy. The basket is a Martha one, so elegant and the baby ducks are just darn cute. They would be happy with the rain that is now falling as I type this.1525447111_cf01d5421d