dscn57011a round of applause and a big thank you. Today and yesterday I was a guest in both Sophia and Andrew’s classrooms. I think we need to sing the praises of the dedicated folks who teach, nurture and care for our children. I am humbled by what these people have to accomplish in the course of a day, with a positive and calm attitude, no less.

The occasion for the visit was to read to both classes for ‘Reading Week’. I read a great book, called ‘Author,  a True Story’ by the creator of the Tacky series, Helen Lester. Here is her website http://www.helenlester.com/ She writes about how she came to writing for kids and her process, in a way that is really fun. I also read the book I wrote about my Grandmas, Oma and Mormor. I wanted to show the kids, that anyone can or could be a writer and that they all have a story to tell. Both readings went well. I was impressed by the listening skills of both groups, (1st and 5th graders). But like I mentioned, teachers I take my hat off to you all!