image-1image-2These are some pieces I’m trying out. I want to have pieces that are less time consuming to cut and that I can have more reasonably priced. The pails will look better matted and framed.

image-3image-4image-5The circular ones, I want to have laminated and then hang them with fishing line, sort of like a window ornament. I put color behind them for scanning purposes, the paper I used is black on front and back. I’m curious to see if I’ll like the way they look and hang. So that’s it for now. I had Sophia home sick and it looks like Andrew is as well. Sophia missed piano as well and she has a recital on Sunday. Having her home today, and possibly tomorrow is giving me a taste of what summer will be like, and I wonder how I’ll get all my merchandise produced! I’m thinking of doing another Art festival for July. Maybe I need to put the kids to work, yes child labor, why hadn’t I thought of that sooner šŸ˜‰