That’s how I felt, visiting the illustration department at RISD yesterday. I graduated 18 years ago, before cell-phones, texting and lap-tops. How can I be so antiquated? What will the technology be like 18 years from now? I was there to meet with Judy-Sue, my former teacher. She was and still is the absolute heart of the department. I was in awe of her energy and stamina, sitting in on her crit of a final class. Later she generously shared that energy and her valuable time by looking at my work. Here is one of the pieces I did last night.  I made it after reflecting on what she had to say.IMG_0319-2I hope that in the future we will be able to work together. She mentioned that how different publishing houses have decreased what and how much they are producing due to the economy. She also said what sells usually is a traditional story paired with un-traditional art, and vice -versa. She thought that my work might pair well with non-fiction or with a darker subject matter. I took the non-fiction idea and thought of environments. I have another idea for a pond scene. So that’s the news here.