*Except it is overcast, chilly and drizzly, but hey, it’s a three day weekend!

IMG_0301-3Here is my pond finish. I hope I stay on schedule this weekend and don’t slack off. I am running very low on X-acto blades. A 100 pack doesn’t last long and I think I’ll get 200 this time. Marc was wondering if they could be resharpened, I gave him a crazy look and rattled off how unhealthy it would be to breath the metal dust created in resharpening them. If it was a carving knife I was using, that could be sharpened on a whet stone. In high school I did duck carving and our teacher had a real carving knife. We used a different type of X-acto knife. But any way enough blade talk, I sense you reader’s eye-lids growing heavy. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am hoping for a dry Sunday morning because Doreen and I have a date at the Seekonk Speedway Flea market.