IMG_0309IMG_0308Andrew took out a Ratatouille Cookbook this week. So tonight we planned and prepared a three course dinner and dessert. Michelle was to come and partake, but is unfortunately sick. Our menu started with Vichyssoise, which was fun to make, but called for too much pepper and I have enough to feed an army. We were thinking of ways to use it, like making it into ice-cream, filling the woodchuck hole, dipping bread into it and making french toast, etc. We then had a chef salad, that was good, again the portion was huge! And we made macaroni and cheese from scratch, which didn’t have any flavor. We all hope the Eiffel Tower sundaes make up for the dinner. We all went to a matinee of Up and it was terrific. Sophia and I think it is one of our favorites of Disney.IMG_0315IMG_0314IMG_0310IMG_0311IMG_0313