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Last night it hit me. I have one more week of freedom to myself and then the kids are home for the summer. I/we a game plan.  Here’s what I came up with from google, other Mom’s blogs and Shari’s practical advice. It looks pretty anal, but I think it will help with everyone’s expectations. I need to get work done for my 2 shows, which are quickly approaching and the kids want to do/go places. Shari’s idea was a schedule for the day, so we can hopefully have a balance of quiet time and activity. I also included set snack times, mirroring their school schedule, hopefully to prevent the open fridge/pantry grazing that happens when bored. Yes the B-word, to combat it I found what I think is a brilliant idea, ‘the boredom buster jar’, with over 75 ideas in it. I chose activities that don’t require me, or driving. The rule for the jar is that if you are bored you can pick 1 slip and no exchanging it for another or not doing the activity.  Both kids filled out summer wish lists for what they would like to do, try or learn. Lego Land is at the top of Andrew’s and will remain a wish, but some of other ones are do-able. I made up two blank calendars and filled them in with free library activities and park concerts. So I feel I have somewhat of a game plan. We’ll see how it plays out in reality.