IMG_0317-2IMG_0319-1second and sixth grade!

Our morning was a bit rough, let’s see, it all started at 2:30 am with a chorus of
coyotes howling for an hour. Archie was growling, and I couldn’t blame him, but then he started barking at 4:30, at what, I have no idea. Then Sophia’s bus was super early and we were caught totally off guard and ran out to get it, witha half packed lunch, me with bare feet, Archie loose, no collar and Sophia in near tears! She got on the bus, I corralled Archie back inside, he was lying belly-up in the road, finished packing her lunch and drove to the other side of the neighborhood and met the bus (barely) gave her the goods, came back to find Archie finishing up a LARGE container of vanilla yogurt and he had already ate several dark chocolate school boy cookies, ARGGGGGHHHH! I didn’t even think he would do that in such a short time. Andrew had a better send off and we made sure to be out early. I unfortunately botched his hair last night. I gave him a hair cut before bed and got a little distracted and before you knew it had shaved off his bangs!!! Good thing he took it very well, but it clearly looks like he cut it himself!IMG_0322