Mom. We are trying to shift gears from summer to school here. This morning Sophia called needing her gym clothes for next period. I had to get Andrew on his bus and Archie was counting the minutes to releave himself. I said that I couldn’t bring them. I should accept my decision, but a voice in my head keeps saying that I could of put both Andrew and Archie in the car and raced over to the Middle school and fixed the problem. The guilt is lifting, slowly. I’ve been an absent blogger. It’s hard to juggle my time and the computer is a big culprit for eating away big chunks of it. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.

A b-day gift for someone turning 9 on Friday

A b-day gift for someone turning 9 on FridayItalian Wedding Soup, loosely based on Ina's recipeStart of a wedding gift commisionYummy clam boil dinner, created by chef DadSteamers, Little Necks, Lobsters and fresh picked corn!