east-of-the-sun9780316027038_154X233reading! The kids and I just finished ‘Tumtum and Nutmeg’ a book I read about on a blog. The Mom who posted about it, mentioned that as she finished a chapter, her kids always begged to hear just one more. The same was true for us, each chapter ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger. The book was actually 3 volumes in one and follow the lives of two mice and all the adventures they unwillingly get into.

9781596916722I just finished Midnight in Odessa and really enjoyed it. It is a really vivid view of live in Odessa, in the Ukraine today. The story is the struggle of  a young woman who is trying to make a better life for herself and grandmother. I thought the author did a fantastic job detailing what life is like in the Ukraine and the culture shock for those who come to America.

Over the summer I really enjoyed ‘East of  the Sun’. It was a story set during WWI of a young British woman who is trying to come to terms with the loss of her parents and finding her way. She embarks on a trip to India to retrieve a trunk left there by her family when they had lived there. To pay for her passage to India she is paid to chaperon 3 British young persons, each with their own colorful story. Great setting and storytelling.

In other news, Marc is slowly coming ’round. Unfortunalty he woke with a bad rash, due to an allergic reaction to the antibiotics! He also had some painful acid reflux, due to the medicine. He is in good spirits, despite all this and made a pot of coffee, so that seemed like a good sign.