IMG_0308-3IMG_0307-4Yesterday went well. The weather was beautiful, although when we were in the shade it was pretty cold; the crowd and foot traffic was good, although Doreen was solicited by a homeless woman, and we heard the start of a drunken manifesto on the military; people were super enthusiastic about my work, although they didn’t necessarily express this with their wallets; our tent neighbors were super friendly and shared their festival experiences and tips. Our breakdown of the tent and booth went without a hitch and we were both so looking forward to Nim Chow and other Thai goodies at Galaxie, when we discovered my battery was dead. Luckily, I had Doreen and her gold-level AAA membership and use of her cell-phone. It took a bit for the truck to come and to get our engine going, but I was able to drive home, alas without our celebratory dinner! Doreen you will get a rain check and I hope it will be real soon. Thank you for all your help, good cheer and support, once again! Thank you to all that stopped by to chat and for those who bought work, many thanks!!!IMG_0310-2IMG_0313-3IMG_0314-4IMG_0316-5IMG_0320-1IMG_0321IMG_0319-2IMG_0318-2