IMG_0325-1make a pie. Sorry for the cheesy title. I have been eager to go apple picking, but with soccer and my art show, we haven’t had the chance. Our local market has some fresh native apples that I made into a pie yesterday. It came out great, just the right balance of sweet and tart. I also skip the bottom crust, as in my experience they never cook enough and I don’t end up eating the gooey bottom. IMG_0323-1IMG_0324-2In preparation for my next show, which is October 10, the RISD alumni sale, I bought this folding screen. I am limited to just a conference table at this show and needed to utilize the space that I’ll have. I was very happy to find this, I just hope it won’t be windy, as this would/could be a hazard. I found it at my favorite consignment shop, the Corner Cupboard, and it was on sale! The thrifting gods were watching over me.