IMG_0351Everyone has told me the RISD alumni and student art sale is the one to do, and IT IS!!!! What a wonderful experience it was. I felt myself growing taller with every nice comment and positive feedback I received! In my ‘show’ history, (this was my 4th) it was the best one so far, for sales. I think the crowd that attends this sale knows art, appreciates art and most importantly, BUYS art. The organisers of the show had pins made up, which said ‘I BUY ART’ and gave them to people who had made purchases. It was also great to share the day with my sister and Michelle, they made a terrific support and sales team! I was also so happy to see my former RA, Kathryn who was up for her reunion. A huge thank you to all that came by my table and said hello and shared their enthusiasm with me. Hope to see some of you again on December 12th for the RISD Holiday sale. I’ll have some great new work for it!IMG_0352IMG_0355IMG_0353IMG_0356IMG_0360P1020517P1020522P1020519