IMG_0315-4maybe! Andrew has been expanding his cooking and baking skills. Earlier in the week he made scrambled eggs and tonight he made his first batch of chocolate chip cookies, solo. I read a magazine at the kitchen table while he baked and it was a nice role reversal. This summer he made the pot of coffee when we had my Mom’s Cousin visiting from Denmark and they couldn’t believe it. The cookies came out terrific. I think they always taste better when someone else has made them. Here we are having very chilly weather. IMG_0314-5I finally got some new paper-cuttings done and my x-acto tip kept snapping off, due to my cold brittle cutting board. I think I need a space heater for my studio. The weather made me think of the holidays to come. Sophia and I were brainstorming on our walk with Archie, new motifs to cut. The big inspiration came from Kirsten, who needed some spot art to liven up the Danish Seaman’s Church bulletin. I have to make a Santa Lucia as well. After cutting these, I’m totally in the Christmas mood, never mind it hasn’t even been Halloween yet!image