IMG_0307-5thank goodness! The medicine is doing the trick for Andrew’s lungs and cough, hooray. To celebrate we made Halloween themed gingerbread houses. I had a pan for ever, that you mold the dough into and had never used it before. It worked well, I just wish we hadn’t had to bake the dough in the pan, because it took a while to make the parts for 2 houses. IMG_0310-4I was thinking of hosting a children’s gingerbread house party this IMG_0313-5IMG_0314-6December and this was a test run. Well, I think it would be a little bit too ambitious to bake and assemble let say 10 or 12 houses for the party. Plus our guests would find out how I can swear like a sailor when assembling the pieces.IMG_0315-5 So back to the drawing board on that idea. On another note, is anyone else having lots of ladybugs in their homes right now? We have been seeing a lot today outside our window and now I see them inside on our ceiling.