Entertaining FinkyIt’s been awhile bloggy. We have had such computer troubles, which I do hope are behind us. I have some new images to post and talk about, but I can’t locate the camera’s cable! If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I am very happy to report that I am in the CHRISTMAS mood and spirit. Right now I have a German apple cake cooling and a Stollen baking. On the 1st the kids and I broke out the Spritz gun and made our first Christmas cookies of the season. We have since made a batch of Lebkuchen. We had never made them before and they came out great. I’ve been decorating and working on a Christmas gift surprise, which is so fun. It involves sewing, which has been such a nice change of pace from cutting paper. Well, I’ll end this here, but a big thankyou to my loyal readers, who have been faithfully checking this spot. Oh, and not to do with anything but I’m listening to Paolo Nutini, These Streets and it is a fabulous CD. He is Scottish and had a big hit called ‘New Shoes’ back a while. Pandora introduced me to his other songs and I love them!