Hmm, where to start. It went fine but it wasn’t as successful as the fall show. The energy, flow and interaction with the people wasn’t as intense and active. It could be that being inside in the Convention center, which is nowhere near as charming and pretty as being on Benefit Street in the natural light and air could be a big factor. Basically it is a huge space, with bright artificial light and high, high ceilings, it sort of felt like being in a casino, in the respect that you had no indication of the time of  day or world outside. Also the music that was played throughout the long day varied from being annoying, to just an assault to the ears at times. Not conducive to holiday shopping in my eyes/ears. I have to say the unloading, checking in and reloading after the show went very smoothly thanks to the professional staff provided and the RISD staff as well. I have to say a big, big thank you to Michelle to all her help, support, humor and good ideas yesterday. Thank you to all who stopped by to say hello and to those who bought work. Would I do the show again, yes and next time we will lay out the booth so that we won’t have to crawl under the table to get in and out of it! You can see our escape route from the rumpled table-cloth, oops. I have lots of merch left so if you need a gift stop by my etsy shop: or drop me an email.