for sure! Last night and earlier today our corner of RI got hit with over a foot of snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. I walked Archie around 12:30 when it had stopped snowing and it was a very festive atmosphere in the neighborhood. Everyone was out shoveling or returning home from sledding. How nice that the storm happened on the weekend, when most people didn’t have to go to work or be anywhere. I made some cocoa with whipped cream and muffins for our mid-morning treat. For lunch we had tuna melts and if I had tomato soup, I would have served that as well. Yesterday I baked molasses cookies and chocolate chip shortbread. Right now I have a pot roast in the oven. Yes, this kind of weather means comfort food to me! Could you tell? Good thing you burn 13% more calories in the cold!Aren’t these mugs sweet? I got them at Savers for .49 and they are from L.L. Bean.