That’s how many of my pieces sold at Studio hop in December! Thank you to those shoppers!!! I would love to have those kind of sales every month, or on my etsy site. Yesterday I worked on my changes for two samples I had done for my former RISD teacher. So far so good, although I had to medicate myself with lots of candy and chocolate to dive into the project.

The weekend was great. If you get the opportunity and are a fan, go see the Harry Potter Show at the Museum of Science, Boston. They didn’t allow any photography in the show, and our crew of kids are pretty difficult to photograph these days, so I don’t have anything to show.

I went to another RISD talk last night, on marketing. It was a ton of info shared  in 2 hours. I’m glad I went and hope that I will use this information to help generate more interest and sales in my work. I have a meeting with Hope Gallery in Bristol on Saturday, for possibly selling and or showing my work in that space. Chip, chip, chip and baby steps to get some more action here with my papercuttings.