hours in the day. I feel like I’m doing lots of things but not accomplishing much. I am happy to write that Anita from Hope Gallery in Bristol signed me on! Doreen and I had a great day out on Saturday. We visited some of our favorite consignment shops and she showed me parts of Bristol that were new to me. We both love Warren and Bristol and find them more charming and less commercial than Newport. I will have to post some of my thrifty finds. Right now I’ll end this here and get going on my ‘lists’. The above photo something Andrew and I baked from a low-fat cookbook that I bought on Saturday. We are all trying to change our portion sizes, be more active and make good eating choices. These called for pureed  prunes and believe it or not were delicious. The stimulus of our health kick was Sophia’s physical last week. Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep our goals! In the meantime, my kids are discovering that they like strawberries, peppers and onions. I’m having them try the foods they don’t ‘like’ just so we can be sure they still don’t like them. And low and behold, they like them after all!