Yes that is what I’m experiencing at the moment. I heard from the photographer, Kindra Clineff. She and her assistant will be doing a photoshoot in my home and studio on Wednesday. After my euphoria evaporated, the feelings of ‘I’m not worthy took over’ (move over Stuart Smalley)! Luckily I got on the horn with my therapist, aka, Shari and she set me straight. Thank you Shari! So I need to get the house in shape and have some work on the cutting table to show my process. Deep breath.

In other news, I tried another healthy recipe this week. This is African Chicken stew. It was pretty exotic for my family but everyone enjoyed it. It has a peanut based sauce, and has spices and chick peas. I had roasted a turkey so I used that instead of chicken. I served it with brown rice. Another healthy meal I made this week was grilled salmon. I was shocked Sophia ate it, because she sometimes claims to not like fish. I topped the salmon with greek tzatziki (cucumber & yogurt) sauce and it was yummy. Tonight we are making whole wheat pizzas and the kids are going to try avocados. With this new health kick I have made a salad every night. Something that I wouldn’t make much in the winter. Now that I’m in the habit it isn’t a big deal and I’ve been trying to keep them interesting too. Last night I threw in baby spinach, pear, chick peas and golden raisins. Again I was pleasantly surprised that my kids ate it. Marc on the other hand skipped it:)