after spending a few wonderful days with my family. (No, we didn’t spend our vacay in Paris, but doesn’t springtime in Paris sound wonderful?) I’m experiencing dessert detox, after being spoiled by both my Mom and Sister’s fabulous baking. Yum, Yum and more yum. I am so tempted to get my mixing bowl out and cream some butter and sugar, but that doesn’t really jive with trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. And what kind of example would I be setting for Sophia. So at the moment I keep nipping at a Trader Joe’s pound plus dark chocolate bar. I hope nobody smells the cocoa on my breath. Rebecca asked in my post about the chocolate chip cookies, if I used the 1/4 scoop. I didn’t I have a spring release mini scooper that I use to make meatballs and I used that instead. In other news I just learned that I am 43 of 63 people on a wait list for the May RISD alumni sale/show. So now I need to figure out how to make some great sales this spring, since I won’t be in that sale. My fingers are crossed that people who see the article in La Vie Claire will be knocking on my etsy door!