you Marc! I know you don’t want to call attention to yourself or your age for that matter. I wish you a happy day and that you enjoy it!

In other news I just finished a fabulous read! I have to warn you that is a totally tragic story, but I was so captivated. It is:

You can read a review of it here: Another great book I can recommend is ‘Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Today is a bit hectic. I have a IEP meeting at Andrew’s school about his speech therapy, a physical for him at 4 and then (hopefully) making a fabulously delicious birthday dinner for Marc! I’m still hemming and hawing what shows to do this summer/fall, now that I got the invoice for fixing my tooth. Let’s say it was an expensive bowl of popcorn! Let me close by quoting Cher (sing along if you like) ‘If I could turn back time, hmm, hmmm, hmmm. Good thing we have insurance!