These are some of the highlights from the weekend. Andrew has broken his clavicle. It happened on Friday night, and we only got it checked out on Sunday. (No parenting awards for us) He was playing with Sophia and somehow fell or landed on his collarbone and fractured it. He was in pain, but since he could move his arm, I thought nothing was broken. We are waiting for an appointment for orthopedic doctor this morning. Speaking of breaking, a huge pine tree broke in our yard. Saturday night was crazy stormy and windy. I lay awake thinking one of these trees was going to fall on our roof, above my head. Luckily it fell in the street. And yes there is a Tintin sweatshirt in my photo. I’m posting it for an inexpensive idea for a b-day gift. It was on sale at Wal-mart for 3 dollars and the fabric paint was 94 cents. It was a big hit too!