And it feels so good! Lately I haven’t been showing what I’ve been cutting. Part of me, believes it’s because they haven’t been mounted and framed yet and another part of me is paranoid about having my images copied. I think the paranoia is from looking at other blogs that have big copyright icons over their images and stern warnings in their columns. Then I remind myself that I have a much smaller audience reading this and not to worry. Or move onto another worry instead, like the rain that could wash out two of my Spring outdoor shows. But enough of my paranoia.

Today I found an email with some promising news in it. I don’t want to say too much, but it could be a great project. I also have to say in a general way, that my attempt to get work or interest in my art is a slow one. Just like you all have been saying (Kirsten). I wrote to this person a year ago, and she is now thinking of a project which could use my work. Oh, patience, patience, I am guilty of being to impatient and being quick to jump to negative conclusions.