Something I tried at this show was to demonstrate how I make my paper-cuttings. All the artists at the show were encouraged to do so, and I think it made for a great aspect of the experience. The man across from me was carving birds and he had a great mobile workshop. He also was super productive and made (it looked to me) about 7 new carvings. Kirsten and I kept hearing sounds which we thought were a snorting pig and or a panting dog, but was the sound of the wood being filed and sanded. For me, it was nice to be doing something instead of staring at the people coming and going. I will definitely try it at my next show, the Virtu Art Festival in Westerly on Memorial day weekend. Oh, and another highlight from the weekend was that there was a vendor making fresh apple cider donuts!!! Yum, need I say more!!! If you are in Bloomfield, CT, try Faddy’s Donuts & Ice Cream.