week! It might be, because I was away for the weekend. I will be away this weekend as well. I’m off to the Surtex show, at the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan. What’s Surtex, you might wonder, well it a show/marketplace for original art and design. So there will be booths and booths of artists showing how their work and design can be used. Buyers from Target, Hallmark and many other companies go looking for new work to use and license. I’m attending because I’d like to have a booth there myself, in the future. In the meantime I’ve been catching up on laundry, house cleaning and other Mom duties. I made these fabulous cookies yesterday. I have seriously cut back on my baking and was so happy with how they turned out. The recipe called for currants but I had dried out raisins. I revived them in the microwave with a little apple cider. The cookies came out crisp and with the right texture. So many times, my oatmeal cookies are puffy and soggy. The recipe is from a restaurant we tried in Washington, called the Corner Bakery Cafe, similar to a Panera. Give me a holler if you want the recipe.