title bar. Hello! I’m still here. Let’s just say I’ve been stuck. Tonight I think I’m getting un-stuck. In my morning chat with Shari, I bemoaned my dried creative juices. I complained of my other ideas not jelling and how I wanted to cut a big coo-coo clock. So she told me to, go ahead and cut one and somehow that helped. Here is the sketch, that I hope to start cutting tomorrow. It’s a big coo coo clock. Yep, that’s what I hope will hypnotize people. So they will stop by my booth and buy, buy, buy. Or at least take a look at my work. I’ve been on the prowl for this coo coo clock necklace. I might just have to make a shrinky-dink version. Check out this mod version, love it, but don’t know who made it.