of things that are making me happy:

our new roof (Our 15th anniversary gift, what can beat a roof over your head)

cooler weather (Oh, my I am so much more comfortable and peppy)

news that my Papercutting workshop is a go (I’ll be teaching at the Providence handicraft club in October)

time to myself (as fleeting as it is, it makes me much more patient with my kids)

fall weather=baking weather (need I say more, I am so craving homemade cinnamon buns, instead I baked cookies today)

my kids playing together (now that they are apart for school, absence makes their hearts grow fonder, they are having so much fun together)

 Katy Perry’s teenage dream song (it’s so catchy and happy)

A bunch of new crafting books (requested from the library after drooling over them at Borders)