Hello, here is the shelf/display that I bought at our neighborhood yard sale. As I put my pieces into the slots I realized that they were too deep. The farting around refers to me trying to figure out what to put into slots to make them more shallow. I bought foam core and cut strips to wedge into each shelf. Then I realised, duh, that each shelf with my art on it would block the shelf behind it. Thanks to my new yoga classes, I did not throw a hissy fit and right now I think it looks pretty good. This display is for my upcoming sale at RISD, I am participating in their ‘risd alumni & student art sale. Each vendor gets a 6 foot long table, so I want to be able to pack as much ‘merch’ on that space as possible. I might even fashion a sandwich board for myself, to display more work:) For more info on the sale check out www.risd.edu/alumni_sale