Tomorrow is the first of two paper-cutting workshops I am teaching. I have my students’ materials all set and our projects ready to cut. I am excited and hope that things go as I wish for the class. I’m not sure of the participant’s comfort level with working with an x-acto knife. We will be warming up with an exercise sheet from Elsa Mora’s the heArt of Papercutting blog, and from there, moving onto a circle window hanging. I decided to print my finish (half of it) onto our 60 lb. paper stock. I wanted the student to be able to clearly see what to cut away and what to keep. From there they will transfer my next design with Saral paper onto black origami paper. It is hard to know how long it will take for them to cut my pieces. I have enough projects if we fly through these. It will be interesting to see how fast or slow it goes. Over the weekend, the kids and I had our own paper fun. We frequently imagine dressing our Finky up in elaborate costumes. Well,  to spare our Mush the indignity of being stuffed into a real tu-tu, we made our own Finky paper dolls. They worked as a creative outlet for all our wild imaginings of what we could dress him in. It was loads of fun and our victim was undisturbed (best of all).