I just had two warm cinnamon rolls for lunch. YUM! Sophia and I had the good idea to use my favorite bread dough and make 1 loaf and cinnamon rolls, instead of the usual 2 breads. Man I am full, that warm dough is expanding in my stomach! It felt great to sleep in this morning. Yesterday was action packed. I got up super early to do yoga, walk the dog, get the kids squared away and set off for my class. I was so happy the rain  ended. My commute to Providence went fine and both kids got on their buses. I was so impressed with the Handicraft building. It is huge! I didn’t get a chance to photograph the interior but it is like a museum! What an amazing place to practice art. Some of the studios had looms set up, others were for Nantucket basket weaving. I hope to show you next week. I couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of students. I was so impressed with their skill level, focus and enthusiasm. I assigned a homework project and look forward to what they come up with. When I got home, I had to decorate a cake for Andrew’s school’s autumn festival. They have a cake walk and he was hoping to win one this year. Last year he did, but not he was not cake-lucky last night. He had soccer practice which got cancelled at the last moment, hallelujah! Today I hope to catch up on some much-needed vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. Oh yeah and I hear the siren call of the supermarket and library. Meanwhile I need to be cutting some new work for my upcoming holiday sales. Maybe I need another cinnamon roll for fortitude!