Unheard of! My current list of things I have forgotten:

1. Both my kid’s dentist’s appointment. Oh what a sinking feeling, when the office calls you 15 minutes after you should be there.

2. A birthday party that Andrew was invited to. I never RSVPed and I just found the invite in his room. The party was this past Saturday. I am now one of those people who don’t have the courtesy to rsvp, whom I have scorned when throwing my own parties.

3. Forgot the baking soda in the applesauce cake I’m baking right now. I pulled the cake out and added/mixed it in after baking it for a bit. I have a feeling there will be salty swirls in the cake.

4. Here’s a doozy, I have signed up for two holiday fairs, and just looked at the calendar to discover that they are for the same date, December 4th.

The one thing, is I am not being quiet so hard on myself, as I would of been 5 years ago. So we will see what happens. In other news, something I have remembered is to plan and design our family Christmas card. I want to lay it out on a computer this year, instead of my usual kitchen table/glue stick set-up. I found out Kinko’s charges $6.oo an hour to use their computers. I hope I haven’t forgotten all my illustrator and or photoshop skills. I guess they would make #’s 5 and 6 on my list. Here’s a peek at part of my card: