Hello, as I type this the smell of baking b-day cake is wafting through the air. Tonight we had a Carvel cake and for the party Andrew requested a fun-fetti mix cake. There was a time when I would have insisted on baking his cake from scratch or a least been put out that he requested a mix cake. Well with age, I am mellowing a little and let me tell you at 9:30 pm, how nice it was to just add eggs, water and oil and be done! Today Sophia could dress up in school. She debuted her ‘hoarders” outfit, basically junk stapled to her shirt. Well I guess a bunch of things fell off and she had to tell everyone what she was. So on our walk this afternoon, she mentioned how she’d really like to be Mr. Burns (the mean boss from the Simpson’s) and that got my wheels turning. I had the idea that a baseball cap would make the perfect structure for his head. So we used one of Andrew’s b-ball caps, a cereal box and masking tape to build Mr. Burn’s noggin. It was super easy and after painting it we are thrilled with the results. I would love to have a yellow turtle neck sweater for her to wear under his suit. (we’ll have to tie her hair back) I’m going to modify a knit shirt of Marc’s to make a sports coat. It would be so funny to have a yellow turtleneck and sweat pants and gloves, then put on a tank top, shorts and knee socks so it would look like Monty was going for a jog! We were also thinking it would be great if Andrew went as Smithers. Any way, should be an action packed weekend.