one more to go (set up). Hello, I have been restoring my energy with chocolate tonight. I had forgotten how tiring it is to pack and load, then unload and set up, then multiply by 2! Ay carumba! Earlier in the day I set up at the Courthouse. I had the best intentions of driving to Providence tonight and getting my other booth set up, but I was too pooped. I really like the idea of setting up a day ahead of a show, then you aren’t exhausted before the sale even begins. But enough of my complaining, here is how the set up looks for the Courthouse Center for the Arts show looks. It is a small space and I’m right in the door way, but I tried to use every bit of my real estate. I propped my rear table up on paint cans, a trick I picked up from my neighbor at the RISD alumni sale.  Anyhoo, my mind is turning to mush, so I’ll end it here.