Yay! I’m 1/2 way there. Today Sophia and I had a great show at RISD’s holiday sale. Thank you to all who bought, admired and chatted with us today. I was so happy to be in the second row this year, it was warm and well-lit. We set off earlier than usual, and were so lucky to have one of the convention center staff unload the car and wheel all our stuff to our table. Hallelujah! This year we tinkered with the layout of our space so we didn’t have to crawl under out table to get in and out. I brought a card table so we could sit comfortably and have a surface to wrap the purchases. This year there seemed to be more people at the show. I’m still on a high from all the compliments and encouragement that was shared. I also saw a whole bunch of people who I knew from old house-mates, to past kindergarten teachers & bosses, to my physician. Anyhoo, it was a pretty super day, I’m running on vapors right now, as I woke up at 3:30 this morning.