*This is my Dove ‘promise’ message and I would agree. Today I brought some work over to Studio Hop. I also hit Salvation Army and a Savers. I had/have been belly aching lately that Savers just isn’t what it used to be. They have gotten very pricey for things that look very worn. Well today I did well in scoring pj’s and hoodies for Andrew ( a must for this 9 year old’s wardrobe) and this collection of skirts and jacket/top for myself. (Top 6.99!)The thrill of finding a bargain at thrift shops doesn’t get old for me. Over the weekend Sophia and I visited ‘Moon Garden’ a vintage shop that Miss Lilly our former preschool teacher opened. It is an adorable shop and Lilly was explaining how she get butterflies in her stomach the night before yard-saling, thinking about what treasures she might find. So I guess I’m not alone, with this thrill of the thrifting hunt. I bought these amazing corsages at her shop, love the pipe-cleaner caterpillar!