My first post for ’11! I have mixed emotions about the holidays being over. I loved that special feeling of working towards the 24th. Listening to Christmas songs, tackling the to-do list and that crazy feeling that is shared by many. I don’t know if I’m ready to take down the tree and decorations. I’m trying to think just what I would decorate the house with. I have a ton of spring things, but that wouldn’t work. Any way, I also won’t make any grand statements about the new year, or what I want to happen or achieve in it. I think I’m feeling more of a zen mode of just focusing on the present. I just said goodnight to Sophia and I decided not to be the greasy hair cop, and let her decide if she wants to take a shower. I had a terrible case of pms that reared its ugly head over the vacation. I’m trying to somehow correct my horrible moods by being as calm as possible and not letting things get under my skin. We’ll see how long it lasts! At any rate, a very Happy New year to you all! Here’s where I’d say something about what the blog’s future posts might take me, but I won’t contradict myself!